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Grinding Tools for Engine Valve

Diameter (mm): Customizable
Thickness (mm) : Customizable
Aperture (mm): Customizable
Material: CBN

Product introduction
This series products are used for the forming grinding of the engine lock slot,neck,tapered surface,and the end surface of the engine valve,as well as the cutting off and multiparts processing.
Suitable for processing 40Cr、4Cr9Si2、4Cr10Si2Mo、21-4N、23-8N and other ordinary alloy steel and heat-resistant alloy steel.
The maximum working linear velocity can reach 180m / s, belong to creep slow form grinding. Grinding wheel and workpiece have large contact area and high speed ratio, can achieve high material removal rate, improve the machining efficiency and reduce machining cost enormously, and needn't trim.
The contour accuracy of the work piece can reach 0.01mm, the base of the grinding wheel can be recycled.

Product details

Technical Parameters

Processing Diagram(below pic) Specification(DxT/txHxW) Linear Speed(m/s) Workpiece Roughness1
P1 Φ210x3/18xΦ90x6 50-80 -
P2 Φ400x23.6/3xΦ228.8x3 100-125
P3,4,5 Φ380x(20-35)xΦ160 100-150 Ra0.8-1.6
P6 Φ380x(40-45)xΦ160 100-130 Ra1.6
P7 Φ380x(25-30)xΦ160
P8 Φ380x(20-30)xΦ160
P9 Φ500x(30-40)xΦ160 120-140
P10 Φ500x(30-45)xΦ304.9 150-180 Rz10
P11 Φ400/500x(25-35)xΦ203 120-150 Ra1.6
Can be produced according to the customer requirements.
Processing Diagram

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