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Zhengzhou Zhongbang Superhard Tools Co., Ltd.

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Zhongbang specializes in manufacturing Precision Diamond Tools for Composites Industries. ZHONGBANG’s electroplated diamond tooling for composites mainly apply to two aspects: GRP Pipe, and Wind Turbine Blades. Electroplated diamond tooling for GRP Pipe: electroplated diamond pipe coupling grinding wheel, electroplated diamond calibration drum, electroplated diamond hole saw, electroplated diamond cutting blade, Diamond Electroplated Pyramid Vanity Saws. Electroplated diamond tools for grp gre frp fiberglass pipes including Grinding drums, Calibration wheels, Grooving wheels, Chamfering wheels, Noiseless blades / wheels, Saw Blade, Drills Bits, Holesaw Cutter,etc…
Electroplated Diamond Calibration Drums for frp pipe

Electroplated Diamond Calibration Drum

Electroplated diamond calibration drums for on line/off line grinding of GRP/FRP composite pipe. These diamond drums are a fast and effective method of grinding pipe joint ends to enable good fitting of gaskets in couplings. The electroplated diamond Grinding drum is for calibration machine, can be combined with a diamond chamfer wheel enabling the user to both chamfer and calibrate in one operation.
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