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Auto parts are various spare parts of motor vehicles and their bodies. A car is generally composed of tens of thousands of parts. According to the nature, auto parts can be divided into engine system, transmission system, braking system, steering system, walking system, electrical system and others. Auto parts, as the foundation of the auto industry, are a necessary factor to support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. Especially at present, China's auto industry is actively carrying out independent research , development and innovation, and it needs a strong parts system to support.
Special tools for gear shaft

Special tools for gear shaft

This product is used for slot grinding of gearbox shafts, drive shafts, steering gears, etc. The linear speed of the grinding wheel can reach 105m/s. The maximum specific material removal rate is 50mm3/mm s. The grinding method is forming cutting grinding,and it can realize precision grinding of all groove sizes in one feed.
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