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Electroplated Diamond cBN Grinding Pin

Diameter (mm):Customizable
Thickness (mm):Customizable
Aperture (mm):Customizable
Material: Diamond/ cBN

Product introduction
Zhongbang offers a wide range of Electroplated Diamond and CBN grinding pins.
A wide selection provides a choice of the most suitable grinding pin for any given application in terms of head size, shank size, length and grit size.
For vibration-free work one can choose the closest head diameter to hole diameter, and shortest length.

We can supply any standard or custom produced diamond and cbn jig grinding wheels(mandrels). Jig grinding mandrels can be manufactured according to your drawing or physical example. Our CBN or diamond jig grinding wheels work perfectly for general workshop grinding, internal grinding, polishing or any other grinding operation were high precision is required.

>>Advantages of Electroplated diamond and CBN jig grinding wheels:
> High precision, Fast grinding speed,
> Low heat generation, Long service life, and low overall cost.

>>Application of Diamond & CBN Grinding Mandrels
Electroplated diamond mounted points are used for polishing, cutting, trimming, burring, and grinding of the nonferrous metals(cast aluminium alloy, aluminium magnesium alloy), and composite material such as fiberglass, Aramid, carbon fiber, carbon nanometer. 
Electroplated CBN mounted points are used for  polishing, cutting, trimming, burring, and grinding of ferrous metal (cast steel, cast iron), tough, high carbon, high chrome hardens steels.
Product details

Product parameters

Diameter D(mm) Thickness T(mm) Aperture H(mm) R.width W(mm)
20 50 10
32 48 10
36 145 25
40 170 24
50 70 M16
80 70 M16
20 115 M16  
Can be produced according to the customer requirnments.
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Electroplated Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel for Casting

Electroplated Diamond/CBN grinding wheels (disc) are used for the polishing, cutting, trimming, ragging, burring and grinding of the nonferrous material such as cast aluminium alloy, aluminium magnesium alloy, composites such as Fiberglass, Aramid, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Boron Fiber, Silicon Carbide Fiber, Carbon Nanometer, Synthetic Resin,Ceramic,Glass Steel, etc. With the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, low cost, electroplated diamond grinding disc apply to grind the big work piece such as space flight cabin, ship body, wind turbine blades, engine blades, cylinder block and cover, FRP, GRP, GRE pipes, etc.
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